I build, buy, and invest in companies and real estate assets.

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I buy businesses

I am looking to acquire companies with $5mm to $50mm in revenue and between $1mm and $10mm in EBITDA. I am primarily interested in family or founder owned businesses based in the Southeast, industry agnostic but focusing around e-commerce, services, manufacturing, and technology. I have a preference for contracted and recurring revenue, businesses with a strong asset base, existing management infrastructure in place, and I only do control investments, no growth investments or minority stakes.


I am open to creative barters in exchange for my consulting services. Cars, watches, consulting services, a freight car of inventory, you name it.


I prefer to work for advisory equity in the companies that I consult, that way we are totally aligned in helping the business succeed.


I also work with traditional consulting engagements both one time strategy deep dives and ongoing retainers.

Science of Success

I founded the world’s leading podcast on Evidence Based Growth, which has hit #1 New & Noteworthy, topped iTunes “What’s Hot” and is consistently ranked a Top 10 Social Sciences Podcast. We now have more than 5 million downloads and listeners in over 100 countries.

Books I’ve Enjoyed

I am a voracious reader, with a big focus on non fiction. I prefer to read epic biographies of the world’s great achievers, books that apply or explain science, and fascinating histories. I’m a big believer in Charlie Munger’s concept of “Worldly Wisdom.”