I am looking to buy family or founder owned e-commerce, service, technology, or manufacturing businesses located in the Southeast.

Who I want to partner with a family or founder who has built an enduring business, my goal is to build upon the strong foundations that are already in place. I want to preserve and grow what makes your business special and find opportunities for your team to grow alongside the business as well. I am not a private equity shark or an opportunistic competitor looking to pounce. I want to help you find a meaningful long term home for your business, create opportunities for your team to grow and thrive, and build upon what makes your company special.

Who I Want To Partner With

Here are the kinds of companies I want to partner with:

  • Company Size: $5mm to $50mm in revenue and $1mm to $10mm in EBITDA
  • Southeast Based: I am based in Nashville and primarily looking for companies in Tennessee, southern Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama.
  • Industry Agnostic: focusing primarily around e-commerce, services, manufacturing, and technology businesses.
  • Strong Asset Base: I prefer businesses with a strong mix of assets on their balance sheet
  • Existing Management: strong preference for deals with some existing management depth or management team in place that I can partner with and grow alongside.
  • Control: I am looking to acquire a minimum of 51% of the company and preferably the entire business.
  • Recurring Revenue Component: looking for deals that have some form of recurring, predictable, or contractual revenue.
  • Scalable Growth Opportunities: looking for deals that can scale or have untapped growth potential.
  • Founder or Family Run: My approach typically resonates the most with a founder or family run company that is looking for the right long term home for their business.

Let's Find A Way To Partner

Are you looking to exit, to partner or
sell a majority stake in a business?

Current Investments

Here is a snapshot of several current portfolio companies: