I am looking to buy distressed or special situation lower middle market software, technology, and service companies.

My focus is on distressed or special situations in companies doing $5mm+ in revenue, and specifically looking for companies that focused around SaaS, technology, or scalable services. I’m only looking for control acquisitions and not minority investments. I don’t invest in startups or do any angel investing.

How I Build Companies

My core skill set is being a nexus that connects deals, capital, people, ideas, and opportunity.

My core skillset is being a nexus that connects deals, capital, people, ideas, and opportunity.

I am good at spotting opportunities and bringing the right people and resources together to create value for everyone involved.

My core skill set is not running companies day to day. I put together successful deals to buy these companies. I help them make big, strategic pivots and navigate tough business decisions. And I believe in partnering with people who are smarter than me and creating opportunities for them to be successful. Then I get out of the way and let them do what they do best.

My background on Wall Street and investing for over a decade with my family office have both instilled in me a deep focus on the financial aspects of business, an understanding of how to put transactions together, and strategic perspective different than most other people.

These all guide me whether I am acquiring a business, advising a company through a challenging situation, or helping a business discover a powerful new customer acquisition strategy. Today I focus on connecting deals, capital, people and opportunities – and finding the unique opportunities and special situations that I can leverage my network and my knowledge to create substantial value for the people I work with and the companies I acquire.

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