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The Science of Success is the #1 Evidence Based Growth Podcast on the internet, with more than 5 million downloads and listeners in over 100 countries, and 200+ episodes. The show has topped iTunes New and Noteworthy at #1 as well as the iTunes “What’s Hot” section. The podcast is also a top ten social sciences podcast on all of iTunes.

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Out of 200+ Episodes, Here Are My Top 10 Favorite

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  • Episode 108

    Everything You Know About Sleep Is Wrong

    Dr. Matthew Walker
    "The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep."
  • Episode 87

    Simple Strategies You Can Use To Persuade Anyone

    Dr. Robert Cialdini
    "Tell me what you're are paying attention to and I'll tell you who you are."
  • Episode 187

    Shame, Self Worth Empathy & Living a Courageous Life

    Dr. Brene Brown
    "There is no courage without vulnerability."
  • Episode 76

    How You Can Create The Mindset of a Champion

    Dr. Carol Dweck
    "If you aren't pushing out of your comfort zone something is wrong."
  • Episode 62

    The Paradox of Happiness

    Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar
    "Happiness is the place between meaning and pleasure."
  • Episode 209

    Growing A Business With No Money Or Customers

    Jay Abraham
    "Most breakthroughs don't from within an industry, they come from outside of it."
  • Episode 120

    Blindspots, Bias, Billionaires and Bridgewater

    Dr. Adam Grant
    "Art is knowing which ones to keep"
  • Episode 153

    Your Secret to Feeling Powerful In Life's Toughest Moments

    Dr. Amy Cuddy
    "Power does not corrupt. Power reveals."
  • Episode 103

    Your Ultimate Guide to Performing Under Pressure and Unleashing Confidence

    Dr. Michael Gervais
    "Those who have nothing to prove are incredibly powerful."
  • Episode 148

    These Habits Will Help You Crush Procrastination & Overwhelm

    James Clear
    "Your decisions set your trajectory and your habit determine how far you walk."

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