I consult on growth, strategy,
scaling, M&A, and turnarounds
for companies with $5mm+ in revenue.

My focus is on working with existing businesses that have revenue, customers, and a management team in place. My knowledge, networks, and skillsets allow me to uncover hidden value, create leveraged value from existing business assets, and find unique ways to acquire and access new customers.

Uncovering hidden opportunities in your business.

So many businesses have massive untapped potential opportunity and often all it takes is a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective to help create clarity around what needs to be done and how value can be unlocked. I serve as a catalyst to help discover new opportunities and divergent ways of looking at old problems, to find new and powerful solutions.

Leverage M&A To Scale

Do you see untapped M&A opportunity for your business or in your space? If you believe that you could meaningfully scale with M&A, have specific
acquisition opportunities you are unsure of how to execute on, or see potential for a roll up in your space – I can be a value added partner to help you execute on any or all of these strategies.

Discover how to get more value out of your existing assets.

My process usually starts with all the low hanging fruit available within the existing business and I begin with an eye towards how to create more value with the least possible amount of time, energy, money, and effort. Using several tested and proven methodologies I can discover myriad ways to maximize the businesses existing assets without spending any additional capital to generate outsized returns.

Finding unique ways to rapidly access and acquire new customers and leads.

I am an expert at finding unique ways to access millions of dollars in untapped lead flow, customer channels, and new customer pipelines. I have substantial experience in building funnels, developing sales systems, and discovering new ways to acquire customers with minimal incremental investment.

I work in barter.
I work for equity.
Occasionally I work for cash

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